We are a rapidly developing company specializing in consultancy, installations as well as selling products by retail and wholesale of audio / video equipment and accessories.

home theaters
loudspeakers and speaker installations
cables and connection wires
wall and installation sockets
TV / LCD handles/brackets, speaker handles and A / V equipment handles
gramophones and phono cartridges
CD / SACD / DVD / BLU-RAY players
receivers and amplifiers
CD/SACD/HDCD/Blu-ray/Vinyl discs from audiophile labels
professional literature
multiroom systems
plugs, sockets, switches and converters
and other audio-video accessories

Our mission statement can be summed up in one sentence: Assurance of high quality of products and advisory services which enable the connoisseurs and hobbyists to get the most realistic audio/video medium, which come up to their expectations.

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